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Music by Ana Luca
Musician | Composer | Producer

ANA LUCA™ is a European-American musician, artist, and author. She composed, produced, and performed her debut album, Reprise, released December 2021. This electronic-classical album features her performances on violin, piano, and other instruments alongside her experience performing with orchestras. Reprise adapts classical music to modern audiences, offering familiar production elements and melodic storytelling to inspire listeners’ imaginations. In fact, she composed many of the songs to pair with her own imagined storylines.


Luca began her musical career as a classically trained violinist, pianist, and singer but eventually grew tired of playing centuries-old “covers” of classical music. Her interest in the cross-over genre of electronic-classical music was sparked by British classical artists like Vanessa Mae and BOND who were early pioneers in the space. Luca taught herself to compose and produce her own instrumental music in harmony with modern production elements. Today, she licenses her instrumental music to enhance the storylines of advertisements, TV, film, and other media. For licensing inquiries and additional artistic background, visit Follow @musicbyanaluca on social media for future releases and updates.


The journey to releasing this album was challenging but rewarding. At times, Ana Luca™ was discouraged from showcasing her work as a music producer and composer, because it was deemed a man’s industry. Her musical abilities were critiqued as falling below standards set by centuries of classical performers who had played the same pieces with higher perfection. She found it hard to monetize her musical talents, because access to music decision makers was guarded by gatekeepers. After 15 years of training, performing, and working in music, an exhausted Ana Luca left the music industry in 2016 to pursue another career. 


In 2021, she returned to make her comeback album, Reprise. “Reprise” is a musical term meaning “to repeat an earlier part”. It represents her return to her gifts as a musician. She is proud to have self-created and released a musical legacy for others to enjoy. Her creativity, melodic stories, and emotional interpretation of the world will live into the future.


The development and release of this album makes powerful statements. First, creativity and music production are not talents limited by gender; women have a place as composers and producers too. Second, perfection is neither relatable nor required for artistic expression to hold merit; this album is not perfectly produced nor performed but that is what makes it authentic. Third, when we brave starting over after failures, we learn achievement is often not linear but a series of pivots. After a sense of failure in making a music career, Luca returned five years after fulfilling experiences in other domains to achieve her goal of releasing this album. And fourth, it is not necessary to wait for permission from others to be heard and seen. Industry decision makers no longer hold authority to silence the music and talents within us, given our ability to reach audiences directly through the internet. May this album, Reprise, inspire you to return to your passions.


Thanks for listening.


  • made in Europe

  • owns businesses

  • published books

  • speaks 3 languages

  • holds 4 university degrees

  • graduated valedictorian 

  • lived in 5 countries + traveled to many more

  • worked 10+ year business career with iconic brands

  • traveled as professional global public speaker

  • descends from 4 generations of artists

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